Hugh Acheson

Hugh discuss the lack of coffee culture in NOLA, the Pope's coolness, Leah Chase, and this week's dishes.

on Dec 11, 2013

I trust everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Somewhere after the turkey left the oven, Restaurant Wars is behind us and instead of chef egos being left behind, the egos are rising to the top, like the cream of reality TV.

Tears of rage, tears of freedom, they are all about to be shed. At this stage in the competition they are feeling the pressure, they are missing their friends and families and they are definitely getting restless.

They apply makeup. They lie on couches. Travis explains how things do get better. His story about being singled out because of his sexuality is pretty par for the course, sadly. We are not done with the fight to equality, and this is a story that shows that in the clearest way possible. Fight on Travis.

DJ Hubert Keller in the house. Coffee will be served. Cops are nearby because we also have Dunkin Donuts. Flavors, depthness, dipness, textures. . .Hubert schools us yet again. 10K is on the line. Cmar would buy a lot of stuff with these funds to replace her old, decrepit objects. She should just call me and we’ll fly to Monaco and blow it on slots. After hotel and airfare I figure we’ll have twenty euros.

Shirley wants to be cooled off and would use the money to buy a new AC unit. She lives in Vegas so that is needed, though the high there last week was like 38F. Given the housing market there she probably bought the house for 500K and it’s now worth about $25. Oh the economy.

Carlos tells us stories about how he wooed his wife with a language she didn’t understand. He’s a magnetic man. We all would be suckered into anything he asked.

Brian Huskey wants his balls out there swingin'. His words, not mine. He is making risotto, which is a ballsy move. Go on with your bad self.