Hugh Acheson

Hugh discuss the lack of coffee culture in NOLA, the Pope's coolness, Leah Chase, and this week's dishes.

on Dec 11, 2013

Travis: Salmon with coffee. No reaction.
Carrie: Custard with coffee. Crepeless but possessing a crunch.
Brian: Risotto with coffee. Sausage and pea version.
Carlos: Microwave spongecake with coffee. And stuff.
Nicholas: Salmon with coffee. And action sauce.
Shirley: Beef tenderloin with coffee. Garlic puree and coffee sauce. Gets handshake from Chef. Surely this is a good omen.
Stephanie: Crepe with coffee. “Interesting.” She’s in a nervous quandary again.

Justin is not shown. This is usually means he has fallen asleep in the pantry without pants.

Bottoms play out to Brian, continuing the risotto curse, and Nicholas with his mod salmon with coffee pourover.

Aside: My only lament about New Orleans was the lack of great modern coffee culture. Perhaps the swampy 95 degrees Fahrenheit summer days make that a hard business proposition.

Carrie, Shirley, and Stephanie, alternates in Time Magazine's "Gods of Food" issue, take tops. Cmar is floored. She just doesn't get it when she's done good. Ah well, Shirley wins with beef tenderloin, 'cause America, even Hubert Keller, loves the beef tenderloin. It's freedom. 10K to Shirley. I'll be a cool day in Vegas.

Elimination time with Anthony Mackie. He’s a "studmuffin," so coined by Cmar. They are on the road to Dookie Chase. They have to cook what they crave when they go home. With a $275 budget to feed somewhere around 12 people. Leah Chase will be in the house. She’s cooler than the Pope, and that’s saying a lot, cause the current papal occupant has made a fan out of even me, and hot off the presses, Time Magazine. Francis is Time's Person of the Year.

Time out from the regular routine. If you want to learn more about Leah Chase and the history of the restaurant then you should listen to the interview with her at the Southern Foodways Alliance website. Good stuff. Really good stuff. (Or go to the Dooky Chase Restaurant website.)

They shop. They cook. They talk about family life from gnudi to squirrel to cochinita pibil to curry. Shirley gets all agro annoying with her hammer chopping and her incessant dough rolling on the wobbly table. Tom checks in and interrogates them.