Hugh Acheson

Hugh imagines Justin as a child training for this exact scenario and distracting Travis with eagles.

on Dec 5, 2013

Justin admits to enduro-training for Top Chef Restaurant Wars since the tender age of 16, which cannot be true, as the whole franchise was only birthed about eight years ago. The factual inaccuracy doesn't stop me from envisioning a whole mock stage that he has set up at home where he goes through drills each morning setting up a new restaurant every single day. "Tahitian Tiki Bar, GO!" "Korean BBQ, GO!"

Carrie is the coolest soccer mom chef ever. She drives the van to practice really well.

They shop and prepare the restaurants. In the shopping excursions they are seen using Star Trek-era communication devices to talk about the purple prawns of the planet Nola. The time find Carlos a big fish and that makes Carlos a happy man. Nina and Sara have a talk about ring molds.

Nicholas is taking this stuff pretty darned seriously. He is innit to winnit.

Sara and Justin have FOUND division. They are trying to start a war with each other. This is not a good portent for their team. This coffee maker fiasco is the equivalent of leaving the toilet seat up.

Nina explains the structure of restaurants, and how they can become pained relationships. Her theory is that if GM and the Chef are the battling parents then everyone else is a child watching mom and dad wage war. She may be onto something.