Hugh Acheson

Hugh picks the season's most condescending line, talks LSU's football prowess, and thinks lunch ladies are the future.

on Dec 18, 2013

Evidently they never taught Nicholas to season properly at culinary school. . .Funny how comments bite you back. He ends up on the bottom with his quail drumsticks.

Self-taught Carlos also ends up on the bottom with some shards in his food from the hammer effect. I feel horrible for his knife, as that was one tough goose bone.

Justin gets shunted to the bottom as well. Too pedestrian. Quest was not in love with it.

Tops is Carrie with her squab drum. So get your pellet guns out because squab is pigeon. Carrie will get through the day as she has been granted immunity.

Going to Baton Rouge, which is a 79 minute drive in normal circumstances. As a Georgia Bulldog fan with SEC blood flowing through my veins I am thrilled to see this challenge at an SEC school. LSU loves its food. Their fans rock the tailgatin' well.

The challenge is to cook food for 500 frosh. The kids will be there for orientation. These chefs will be the lunch staff and are taking over the dining hall, which is one of the nicest dining halls I have ever seen, with the nicest being the Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville.

Brian went to UCLA on a tennis scholarship, which was before he watched Half Baked 20 times in a row when he was 19. Some experiences change you.

RAV 4 travels. Brian got injured when drunk once. Shirley is getting jittery at the incessant stories, and is having a personal crisis as she finally realizes what it sounds like when someone talks nonsensically ALL THE TIME.

They get greeted by Brandice and Candice and are shown around the campus. LSU has a tiger. They also have a so-so football team this year. We beat them, but at the end of the year we both had kind of lackluster seasons.