Hugh Acheson

Hugh picks the season's most condescending line, talks LSU's football prowess, and thinks lunch ladies are the future.

on Dec 18, 2013

They go to the stew room and drink. Nick decides to talk through OvenGate. Nick still doesn’t understand. The TV comes on and they like some of the food and find some flaws in others.


Tops are Shirley, Brian, and Carlos. Carlos proves that you can serve food really slowly and still fare pretty well. Shirley wins with her beef and now is the owner of a Toyota RAV 4. It also has an air conditioner.

Bottoms are Justin, Stephanie, and Nina. We all know exactly how they will react. Stephanie will be all agreeable. Nina will be diplomatic. Justin will be feisty.

Tom thinks that the key to institutional food is to load it up with salt, fat, and sugar. That is the proven path, yes, but we can do so much better. I don’t think, given his wonderfully engaging stances on food policy that Tom believes in the salt, fat, sugar path as a sustainable one, and that he was just pointing out the proven winner.

Nina is toasting herself. This is a ruse, as she ain’t going no where. Justin is packing his knives and going back home to his baby. Best of luck chef. You are a wonderfully feisty soul.