Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson doesn't understand Bene and Brian's "spooky spa" concept.

on Oct 30, 2013

Carlos is finding maternal inspiration, pulling at our heartstrings as he is apt to do. He is the chef who seems to be garnering the most compassion from viewers, but that may change. He was a bit too nervous last episode, and America doesn’t like a softie who can’t make a decision. But we all are still cheering him on. Like aluminum foil, there is a shiny side and there is a matte side. If Carlos is our shiny, then the King of Krazy, Michael, is hands down the matte. Right now he is babbling on about something, but I have an all-time high resistance to him, so I don’t even hear him talk. It’s my form of television Darwinism. 

Michael and the Little Grocer, Justin, are cooking something en papillote, which means cooking in a sealed steam environment of parchment paper, which was a massive missed opportunity to get bonus points for cooking something in foil.  

As the challenge winds down, we have plates on the table, thanks to Alpha leader Sara. Let’s see what we got:

Sara and Stephanie: Lamb chops, fonduta, mushrooms. Corn. Stuff. Gail’s mama says the lamb is nicely cooked. 

Justin and Michael: Red Snapper en Papillote with Rice Pilaf. Sake to me. The two generations of ladies love it. 

Carrie, Louis, Shirley: Buratta, apples, balsamic sabayon. Nothing really to hear on the eating. Something about Carrie’s arm about to fall off. Looks pretty classic. And good. 

Carlos and Travis: Clams Poached with Fish Sauce and Coconut. Asian Mexican spice fest. After being on the firing line last episode, this may be a redemption dish for both of them.

Nick and Patty: Snapper and Branzino with Mustard Vinaigrette. Citrus explosion gets a “very nice.” Perhaps Patty has been purposefully losing to hide the fact that she is a shark. A shark trained by David Burke. 

Bene, Brian, and Nina: Soup. Beans, chiles, cherries, okra. Looks very strange. Too many ingredients. “Train wreck,” says Justin, and no one, and I mean no one, disagrees. 

The win goes to Team Padma. 10K is endowed to the scholarship fund called “Shoes for Bene.”

Lea Michele gleefully races in. Stephanie Cmar wants to hang with Lea. Well, duh, who wouldn’t want to do that? Just hang out and once in a while break into song? Bliss I tell you. 

Michael got laid once when he dressed up as a pregnant nun. Some people just say strange things to socially ostracize themselves from the pack. Michael is the poster child of those people.  

They break up into teams they really don’t want to be on, and they then talk to Lea Michelle about her vegan dream diet, which turns out not to be really vegan at all. She likes to branch out. Cheese is her favorite. Things that are a party in your mouth.  So teams of two and they are cooking a dish per team member, so if you are following me that’s two different dishes per team. If you are not following me, you should go get some coffee, take a break, and then loop back in when you can concentrate. Oh, and it’s a Halloween costume party. Think scary. 

Whole Foods run around. Some teams are happy and some are really not. Michael is making balls. Fried balls that will weigh Nina down.