Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson doesn't understand Bene and Brian's "spooky spa" concept.

on Oct 30, 20130

Prep is occurring. Tom drops in on this scary cooking fest. Lots of rice balls happening. Tom bids them adieu until tomorrow.

If you harken back to what Lea likes and dislikes it’s kind of important. 

Likes: Italian, Mexican, vegan lifestyle, cheese, vegetables, parties in mouth, spice, and maybe Mexican men. 

Dislikes: Beets. sweets. 

Nick is taking a Plan B approach because of what the competition of Michael and Nina are doing. Brian and Bene are doing a spooky spa cuisine. All spa cuisine is spooky to me. Michael is battling with Nina. Michael is a boisterous soul and a born rabble-rouser. 

Time finishes, so they go out looking for haunted houses. Brian has a plan to meet any horror movie scenario.  

So here we go. Spooky. Shirley and Louis have the best chemistry and Michael and Nina have the worst. Michael calls Nina Boo Boo a lot, which is his way of making sure we understand that he finds her talented, but still a girl. Really. It is. It’s kind of gross. Anyhow, my view is that regardless of the box she checks on the census, she could beat him in all competitions, except the Who’s Krazy Olympiad. Just saying. Maybe he’ll surprise me. Maybe he won’t.  

The judges enter and someone named Charlotte has given me a Prince Charming outfit. She sent me this picture in advance to set my mind at ease for how I would be dressed. No joke -- she really did. 

I still adore her, but this is a really suspect outfit. I feel like a weirdo. I mean I am a weirdo, but this is not helping. Just so you know, I am neither charming, nor a prince. 

Padma and I wander around eating vittles and talking to the locals. It’s a great group of people in a very interesting room. The chefs overall have done pretty well with some really making great vittles and some reaching ho-hum. Tom is dressed like Gatsby, but he really just looks like Tom in a boater. He has some competition in the Gatsby department when our big boss man, Andy Cohen slides in and starts calling everyone “Sport.” Lea is dressed like a cat, but an adult cat. Padma is dressed like a voodoo priestess. I am itchy, and the pins that hold my XXL Prince Charming outfit to my body are poking me in odd places. You know that feeling when you are going through pain, but kind of enjoy it? That’s me right now.  

So we eat:

Black Team - Carrie: Charred Chicory puree, mushrooms, and black garlic

Black Team - Stephanie: Leek, ash vegetables, and fontina fonduta

I just like saying Fontina Fonduta. Ash is all the rage these days with the decline in smoking… we gotta get that carbon from somewhere. Both dishes are really tasty. They worked well as a team and have put out good stuff, which appealed to the hostess, Lea. 

Yellow Team - Nicholas: Butternut Cannoli with Ricotta Salata

Yellow Team - Patty: Lemon Arancini

Arancini is a fried risotto ball, and we are about to see a lot of them. But Patty is finally doing good with this one. She killed it. Nick did good too. He saw another chef doing gnocchi, and he changed course very successfully. 

Green Team - Brian: Quinoa salad with mushroom espuma and some cobweb thing

Green Team - Bene: Heirloom Tomato Salad with wilted kale



I think Micheal would bring down any chef he is paired with in a team competition. He is always too busy saying weird things to listen to reason.  Nina tried to reel him in, but I don't think he would listen if Julia Child was his partner. Last week he didn't even cook a dish, so I consider that hiding. I am sure he is talented or he would not be  on Top Chef, but I can't say I'll miss him. I really like New Orleans as home base, my favorite city so far.



 I don't think he was hiding. I just think he thought himself superior to everyone else there.  He was very condescending to the women, treating them like assistants, rather than equals.  I think that was his downfall.



I can understand what you stating, but I think Nina was totally disrespectful to him with her comments. I think Nina is top three of the Top Chefs, but feel she looked down on Michael and constantly made personal offensive comments to him. If it was reversed many would have commented. I just thought if she would have rolled with the punches and tried to work as a team player things would have worked out better for Michael. There are definitely different personalities and not all will blend, but it is still a way you handle situations especially when on this type of show. Michael has a family and a profession and what she was saying was uncalled for in my opinion. Nina just didn't like him and any change the camera was on her she would come off nasty and distasteful when it came to him. I would think in this competitive show a person would like people around with a sense humor. Michael didn't seem to bother the other people with his personality.


 @greysalton I wonder whether Michael would have been quite as cocky had he been cast in a different season. I think as a New Orleans chef competing in his home base, he added a certain know-it-all sense of entitlement to an already inflated ego.