Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson doesn't understand Bene and Brian's "spooky spa" concept.

on Oct 30, 2013

You know how you are supposed to eat spa food cause it’s good for you but no one wants to actually eat the stuff? This was that to the nth degree. Just a strange choice to make. Brian’s espuma was kind of flat, where usually they are aerated to a foam. Bene’s salad, though he will later plead that he seasoned it, was really drastically underseasoned. Tomatoes just don’t shine without some salt. 

Orange Team - Nina: Gnocchetti with kale pesto and squash

Orange Team - Michael: Arancini thing.

This is one of those times when the Sesame Street song, “One of These Things is not Like the Other” gets stuck in my head. Nina’s was amazing. Smart, executed perfectly. Michael’s was not great. Blah. Boring. Sweet tomato sauce. 

Red Team - Travis: Vegetable Ceviche

Red Team - Carlos: Goat cheese fondue with fried zucchini

Slutty Santa has come through. Really refreshing. Hot though. Good hot. Carlos is killing it too. 

Blue Team - Louis:  Braised Quinoa thumb thing

Blue Team - Shirley: Hand cut noodles, pickled daikon

I understand that Lea Michele is vegan, but this Quinoa thing has got to end. Now, it was a better rendition than Brian’s quinoa things but still. Shirley’s was pretty good but also kind of something you would find at the buffet at the health food store. 

Grey Team - Justin: Beet pasta with green tomatoes

Grey Team - Sara: Arancini. New profile. Mo-rockin’.

Pasta was strange. Not horrible but kind of weird. Arancini was fine. If I see another ball of fried rice, then I am outta here. 

Stew room starts with Carlos praying, because at this point it can’t hurt, can it? Then the chefs get to watch us weigh in on what just happened. Reactions are mixed because the food was mixed. 

Tops are Nicholas and Patty and also Travis and Carlos. In this challenge though Red reigned supreme. Carlos and Travis worked it and won. Carlos thinks he really now has a shot with Lea. He can still dream. You can never take that away from him. 

Bottoms are Orange, Michael and Nina, and also Green, Brian and Bene. It’s hard to lose as a team. Lea did not want spa cuisine. She wanted party food, and no party starts with quinoa, at least none I really yearn to attend. 

Michael leaves the show with some uncomfortable hugging. He feigns shooting himself on re-entering the kitchen, and there is an odd quiet to the crowd. 

Be well, Michael. You are a live wire. 

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