'Padma's Picks' Recaps

Ep 1: Chefs Michael Sichel and Caesy Morvant compete in a Creole-inspired challenge.

on Aug 13, 2013

Michael describes his dish as a Creole sauce with an Italian twist, while Casey attempts a bouillabaisse. Casey makes the observation that he's reserved, while Michael is a little more energetic -- it will be interesting to see how much of their personalities come out in their dishes! Both chefs are using fresh Gulf seafood, however, which is exciting. You're in New Orleans! Use the product! Michel points out the differences between line-caught fish and farmed fish. He shows us the bloodline in the line-caught fish. Let's hope he doesn't show it to Padma and Chef Folse... in the finished dish.

"Butter makes the world go round," declares Casey. I like him.

Time to eat!

Michael presents Deep Fried Red Fish with Creole Sauce, Sauteed Spinach, and Calamari. Casey presents Braised Crab, Gulf Shrimp, and Black Drum with Bouillabaisse Sauce. Casey's fish has a bone. Minus one. 

They were both delicious, but ultimately Michel gets the invite to cook. His dish was not only technically perfect, but more visually appealing.

So, Michel moves on! Next week, chefs Justin Devilluier and Michael Doyle compete. Prep yourself by watching the episode HERE, and let me know what you thought of the first head-to-head challenge in the comments below.