Team Top Chef

Don't mess with Nina.

on Oct 30, 2013

Hello, my little arancini! I know, I know -- enough with the arancini already! 

As we regroup with the chefs in the Stew Room after Janine's elimination, we find Sara crying. She feels responsible for Janine's elimination. Not only is she not responsible but Janine kicked some arse in her first go at Last Chance Kitchen, so don't worry about her! 

Travis is also melancholy and reveals that his father doesn't know he's gay, so he'll have to tell him before Top Chef airs. Wow. We asked Travis about what happened when he finally come out to his dad and you can read that HERE.

Time for the Quickfire! I have to admit I was pretty excited to hear about this week's Quickfire Challenge with Gail and Padma's mothers in the kitchen. The chefs arrive in the kitchen to find every item wrapped in aluminum foil. It's moments like these when I have to applaud our Magical Elves for doing that and be thankful I wasn't the one who had to wrap that stuff! The chefs are split up into Team Simmons and Team Lakshmi, and each team will have to create three dishes using every item obtained by Mrs. Simmons and Lakshmi as they run around the kitchen blindly selecting items for their team. I honesty can't tell which mom shopped better because at the end of the day, it was really about how the chefs used the items they got. All of the dishes seemed pretty solid except for maybe Bene, Brian, and Nina's soup. They threw everything but the kitchen sink in there. Ultimately, though, they made a delicious kitchen sink, and Team Lakshmi was victorious. The group splits 10K. If ever there was time to acknowledge Gail's fairness as judge, it's now. She voted against her own team!

The moms leave the kitchen, and in comes Glee's Lea Michele. Stephanie is very excited, saying, "We can hang out. It won't be creepy at all." It actually probably wouldn't because the thing is Lea is a huge Top Chef fan, so she's probably more starstruck than the chefs are! Lea issues the Elimination Challenge: the chefs have to cater a spooky Halloween party for Lea. 

"Dressed up as a pregnant nun once. Got laid."

Uhhh, thanks for that interjection Michael.

The chefs are split up into teams of two. Of note are Michael and Nina. Michael is pumped. While Nina is all like, "I'm stuck with Michael. I don't like him." And before you start thinking this is the beginning of a great Katherine Heigl rom-com, think again. Nina genuinely doesn't like Michael. 

Lea imparts her culinary likes and dislikes to the chefs. She's vegan but sometimes vegetarian. Loves cheese and spice. Hates beets. She likes fried things. Italian. She ready for a "party in your mouth."