Team Top Chef

The chefs serve Habitat for Humanity volunteers from food trucks.

on Oct 10, 2013

The Yellow Team kills it with Carlos and Aaron's tacos, Carrie and Aaron's empanadas, and Travis and Brian's ceviche. Those tacos looked enormous, and according to Tom were "muy bueno." Ultimately, Carrie gets the win for her exceptional empanada dough. That girl is on fiiiiire! She also taught us a fun trick: to roll out your dough with an ice-cold bottle of wine instead of a rolling pin to keep your dough cool and together.

Since your wine bottle will be covered in flour after, you should probably just go ahead and drink it. That's my chef tip.

The Green Team's mediterranean offerings were also well-received. And despite some issues with Bene feeling unheard, the Red Team was safe as well. We'll see if the chefs pay more attention to him next time.

Ultimately, the Blue Team's offerings had the most flaws. Bret served a cold ceviche with a hot element. Patty's tomato was out of season and had no place on her tuna slider. And Jason made his salmon hand roll ahead of time so he could shmooze the crowd. Jason ends up going home and vows to slay his competition in Last Chance Kitchen. Looks like I won't have to defend Jason's cocky comments every week here! So, there's that., After a weak premiere, Patty seems to be skating on thin ice. Hopefully she can turn it around.

Tell me: did Jason deserve to go home? Which truck would you frequent?

Until next week, Have a Nosh!