The 5 Most Memorable Restaurant Wars Mess-ups

Restaurant Wars is arguably one of the hardest challenges of every Top Chef season.

It's no surprise that s*** always goes down during Top Chef's Restaurant Wars. Tensions run high and the pressure of coming up with an entire restaurant concept from start to finish AND feeding a dining room filled with opinionated customers and judges is the perfect recipe for disaster.

1.  Chaos in the Kitchen

During this week's Restaurant Wars we watched a flustered John Tesar try to gain control of the little success.

2.  Service is a Clusterf...

Top Chef
Service is a Clusterf...
At Restaurant Wars, Sara struggles to maintain her “front-of-house mask” while the restaurant burns around her.

During season 11 of Top Chef New Orleans, Sara Johannes struggled to maintain her "front-of-house mask" while the restaurant burned around her.

3.  The Biggest Restaurant Wars Mistake Ever Made?

Top Chef
The Biggest Restaurant Wars Mistake Ever Made?
Team Orange's decision to prioritize the judges could set them back...

During season 13 in California, Jeremy Ford's decision to prioritize the judges over the other customers set his entire team back...

4.  Waiting for Josie...Again

Top Chef
Waiting for Josie…Again
Josie tries to entertain the guests while she frantically tries to get out her food.

During season 10 in Seattle, Josie Smith-Malave frantically tried to cook and plate her food as a line of hungry customers anxiously waited.

5.  A Restaurant Wars Dessert Disaster

Top Chef
A Restaurant Wars Dessert Disaster
Keriann Von Raesfeld's dessert leaves her team in a a lurch, as she tries to run a flailing service.

During season 12 in Boston, Keriann Von Raesfeld's dessert left her team in a lurch, as she tried to run a flailing service.

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