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I Root For The Bruisers

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I Root For The Bruisers

What is Season 1 winner Harold Dieterle up to?


First of all, I have to say thanks to everybody for reading last season's blogs, and it's good to have you all back for Season three. Things have been good. I got my restaurant, Perilla, up and running, and everyone has been pretty awesome about it. If you're in Manhattan, you should stop by. We're down on Jones Street between Bleecker and West 4th. And I have to say, we're doing some pretty amazing stuff. It's exceeding even my expectations. Come by and we'll feed you. Watching the first episode is like watching the first day of school. I get nervous. And I get a little jealous. We never had such a nice pad. I had to bunk with Stephen and Miguel in that little room. And Miguel -- that guy snores.

I have to say, that quick fire challenge - I was really impressed with what Micah pulled out. I remember last year watching to see how Marissa would do in the competition. I think that sometimes a really specialized chef can have problems in a competition like this. And Marissa being a pastry chef, we got to see what her limitations and her strengths were. So I really liked the fact that Micah has a background like she does. She really knows her cheese, and I was really impressed with the dish she put out. I liked what Tre put together because it looked to me like something I would make. Ostrich is actually a great meat to use in cooking, and I like playing around with food in a similar way.

Clay. You know, I have to say about Clay that I feel for the kid. He looks like he's smart, and I'm sure that a lot of great things will happen for him in his future. It was pretty obvious from the start though, that some people don't have the level of experience to pull off the kind of challenge that this show puts you through. It doesn't mean he's not a good chef. It just means that sometimes these competitions really highlight who's prepared for that pressure cooker environment. It's fun to watch these episodes, but it makes me nervous. I think two hours to prepare the dish is tough. Personally, I think I'd rather not serve a dish at all, than serve something that isn't finished.

It's still too early to give out predictions, but I was impressed with Casey. I was impressed by Micah, definitely. And I like Mike and Joey - I always root for the bruisers. See you guys next week. They tell me that my blog will be going up every Thursday, just about the time you're getting bored and distracted at work, so keep checking back.