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Malarkey Madness: Power Ranking "Block Party"

Season 3's Brian Malarkey uses his less than scientific methods to gauge who's top taco.

From top to bottom:

First number is current ranking.

Second number is last week's ranking.

1/6 Stephanie - "Women Representing": Nerves seem to be under control and your talents and great smile are shinning bright -- what a delight.... Keep it up! You are out-classing your male counterparts by leap years.... Congratulations on the early victories.

2/4 Richard - "Natural Born Leader": Spike said it right: "Everyone was moving towards you when the teams were decided. You have a great calmness that shows your confidence. The taco was awesome -- congratulations on a great interpretation. One knock: Remember the cameras are always watching -- "Don't double dip." brian_403_05_320x240.jpg

3/1 Mark - "Pass the Joint/The Invisible Man" Dude: What happened to you? Got milk for the cookies? Looking forward to seeing more of you next week ....4/3 Dale - "Speak Up or Get Out": Letting too many people tell you what to do. You have mad skills but if you don't step forward you represent a Top Cook not a Top Chef! brian_403_04_320x240.jpg

5/2 Andrew - "Call Security": You keep telling us all what an entertainer you are but all I'm getting is one of the Three Stooges. You smell success but I say "Malarkey" .... The duck taco sounded reallly good .... Less lip, more action!

6/5 Jennifer - "Stand Alone": Time to realize you're in a solo competition. This is going to be hard enough without packing Zoi.


7/11 Manuel

8/7 - Antonia "Personality?": I think we saw a little this week but not too much. The Casey strategy?


9/8 - Spike "Shut UP!": Bitching about Rick's decision with the tacos and you try and feed it to him twice? Maybe you to should have gravitated towards Richard and the winning team and not been the leader of the whining team. I don't know if Eric was wearing your hat or you were wearing his hat but since it's got the "Pack your knives and go" cures, burn it! brian_403_03_320x240.jpg

10/9 Ryan - "Cook for Your Life": Not good being on the bottom of the Quickfire and the Elimination on the same show. If you were going for it and making some crazy funky food I would say "Rock nn" but blanking the mayo in the Waldorf .... Ouch!

11-13 Zoi, Nikki, and Lisa: Can we have a triple elimination next week ....?
Zoi - "The Follower": Cook not Chef
Nikki - "Bow Tie Luck": Her awful food got hidden on the better team, again. What is a Padma Souffle?
Lisa - "Chewing up the Bottom": Did you make anything for the Elimination? Make sure you mail Stephanie a thank you card for packing you this week. brian_403_08_320x240.jpg

Erik: Did you really tell Rick Bayless to go screw himself because you were unable to comprehend that a taco could be fine dining? You seem like a great guy .... Best of luck to you and your soggy dogs ....

Let me know if you agree or disagree with this week's picks .... I picked Erik out last week. Let's see if one of the ladies goes this week ....

Brian Malarkey

Make Doug's Winning Mussels

Doug's mussels pleased the palates of the superfans -- and the judges. Try having them at home.

Chorizo-Marinated Mussels With Sweet Pepper and Cauliflower Relish



5 lbs mussels

5 lbs pork chorizo

1 head cauliflower

3 sweet pickled peppers


2 cups white wine

2 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp parsley (chopped)

2 Tbsp Chives (chopped)



1. Start a pan with chorizo. Render and carmelize lightly.

2. Add garlic, parlsey, chives, and mussels.

3. Add white wine and cover. Cook gently till the mussels have just opened.

4. Clean the mussels and strain the liquid over them. Cool.

5. Cut the cauliflower into small peices and roast hard until they have lots of color and are crispy.

6. To serve: Plate cauliflower, top with mussel and pickled pepper. Pour a little of the liquid over the mussel and garnish with pickled pepper and lemon preserve.


Lemon Preserve


5 lemons


Salt, to taste

Sugar, to taste



1. Peel five lemons and thinly julienne the peel.

2. Blanch in boiling water five times till tender and not bitter.

3. Add juice from the lemons and season with sugar and salt to taste

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