Tom ... In Photos

Tom Colicchio's blog in its regularly scheduled format will return soon. Until then, enjoy photos of our illustrious head judge.

Editor's Note: Tom's blog is coming, but for now enjoy Tom ... in photos. We took a stab at captioning them, but we'd love to hear yours. Leave them below! tom_401_01.jpgPadma and Tom head to Uno's to scare, ahem, meet the chefs.
tom_401_02.jpgPadma and Tom
tom_401_03.jpgWe agree with you, dear readers -- Tom is dreamy.
tom_401_04.jpgBourdain is so amazing, we think Tom might be crying here.
tom_401_06.jpgPadma looks like she might want to spit that out.
tom_401_05.jpgSomber Tom

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