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I'm A Fat Girl

Bethenny Frankel is annoyed. Find out why.

I am so irritated that I cannot even get into the minutia of the entire episode. Sorry for the lateness of this blog. I'm in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival hosting my annual event Chefdance which showcases some of the country's most well-known chefs and restaurants.

But I digress. And the following is coming from someone who was very anti-Ariane in the beginning. How the hell did Ariane go home? Leah and Hosea were asleep at the wheel and is it me or did Ariane not win many challenges, impress Martha Stewart, and really represent many times?I don't think she would have won, but she certainly should still be there. Was the deafening annoying noise of Toby's contrived comments clouding the other judges' decision? Someone please clarify for me.

That said, I'm thinking of becoming a circus clown because never in the land of ever could i break down an entire animal. My specialty is natural foods and animal is definitely not my strongpoint, but I think these tasks show how talented these contestants are.

Stefan is downright obnoxious yet talented. I don't think he should win because he isn't a team player, and a chef needs to ultimately have respect from his sous-chef and want people to do good by them. Carla is sweet and keeps to herself, but I don't see her in the final four. Jamie has her moments and is consistent, but she doesn't look like a star. Hosea is one of my favorites, but he was really weak this week. I'm liking Jeff and his tomatoes, but I totally agree with the fat issue that Tom has. I'm a fat girl. Well, I'm a skinnygirl, but I love the fat. I'd rather have a few pieces of fat than a whole lot of lean. I'm a ribeye or NY steak girl rather than a filet girl.

Ariane's tying job along with Leah did look like a hot mess, and this is attributed to poor communication on this team. The lovebirds needed to talk it through with her and not just lean on her to handle the largest component of the meal.

The trifle looked like a Cool Whip container recipe and I thought the thyme fruit tart was a terrific idea. I just hope Carla can do more than dessert.

Fabio is a disappointment. If an Italian can't make a pesto pasta, there is an issue. The pesto looked like a spread.

My top four: Jeff, Stefan, Hosea, and Jamie