Carla: Over the Moon

Carla tells us to whom she gave her prize Super Bowl tickets. First the Quickfire: Seriously, how much do you eat oats? Do you actually cook with them or just eat oatmeal?
I eat oatmeal about three times a week. There is generally a pot going in the kitchen most mornings. I have used oatmeal mostly in desserts (cookies, crumbles), and then as a binder in meatloaf. I have not used oats as part of a savory dish, although, I loved them with the lentils -- a first, but not the last. What was the inspiration for your dish?
I had promised to do a vegetarian dish, and this was going to be it. My inspiration for the tofu came from a dish that was conceived by a vegan chef I know. The oats were totally inspired by my grandmother who loves her rolled oats. You said you liked Andrew -- who is your favorite cheftestant of all time? What did you like about Andrew so much?
I liked Andrew from the beginning because he's kinda quirky. He's not afraid to be himself.  His personality is refreshing without being contrived. What was it like competing against him?
It was so much fun competing against Andrew because we were just feeding off of each other's quirky energy.  He's also very gracious. Had you ever made the dish you made before?
I have made gumbo/shrimp and grits before. Have I ever tried to make it in 20 minutes?  No. I wasn't even sure the grits would cook in time. Wasn't it in the movie My Cousin Vinny when the cooking time of grits help solve the case? What did you think of the other chefs' dishes?
I loved Jamie's dish -- a great less-is-more, but VERY flavorful, dish. Leah's was good, Hosea's, Fabio's venison. Actually, all the dishes were good. Were you surprised to see who was in the bottom three and that Jeff eventually went home? Do you think anyone else deserved to go?
Ummmmm, I was surprised. I thought Fabio was going home. I think Jeff's dish was well thought out, but maybe lacking in a bit of flavor on the shrimp. Perhaps Fabio thought he had to use EVERYTHING in his market basket, which is why the cheese and stone fruit and beets and potatoes and ... were used. That being said, though, the venison and mustard sauce were good. What was it like to get your first elimination win?
WOW! It felt really great. I'm hoping this win will propel me to stay in the flow and show folks that I don't just make desserts. No really, I don't. Are you going to the Super Bowl this weekend? Or did you give the tickets to the men in your life?
I am going to send the men in my life. The joy was watching Matthew's face once he realized HE was going to the Super Bowl. Priceless!!! Noah is OVER THE MOON!

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