Gene: Something Fishy

Answering questions about the show, the cheftestant responds to Toby Young's harsh critique What did you think of the Quickfire challenge? How much experience do you have making desserts? I thought the Quickfire Challenge was a little difficult being that I don't have much experience working in pastries, but I did what I could do best with what we had to work with. Did you know who the guest judge was? What did you think of his critiques? Honestly no. Well at first I couldn't understand him (haha) because of his thick French accent, but I thought his critique was fair. He wasn't trying to be a TV personality, just giving an honest opinion about my food. What was your inspiration for your fish dish? When I think of family style dishes, being of Asian culture we always had some type of fish at our table. So that is what I went with. Were you worried at all about the daikon? Have you ever used that flavor combination before? No I wasn't worried about it because I have worked with that flavor combination before. I think the judges may have been turned off by it because most people use daikon cold. They don't really have experience working with daikon period. They're only used to eating it in a mainstream way like for sushi. One of my favorate chefs, Chef Morimoto uses it in one of his cookbooks. It was also meant to be eaten right away. I didn't know it'd sit out for awhile. What were you thinking when you saw who the "culinary experts" were? I knew right away that they were going to tear our food apart. But it is what it is. Were you worried at all that they would purposely lie to knock your dishes down? No -- I wasn't worried. If they lied, then that goes to show how much confidence they lack. But I think they're all pretty honest. The new judge, Toby Young, had some fairly harsh comments for everyone, what did you think of his comments? It was like watching American Idol. Do you think you deserved to go home? No, but I'm happy I made it as far as I did being that I beat out half the competition in the show. A lot of people thought I'd probably be out the first few episodes, but I'm happy overall. What did you think of the other chefs' dishes? Nothing -- they do what they do and I do what I do. Where can your fans follow you and get more info on your food? Well they can check me out at for any updates or events I have coming up. I really appreciate all the support my fans have given me. Thank you.

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