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Jamie: Top Scallop

The winning chef weighs in on her fellow chefs' performances and the new judge, Toby Young. What did you think of the Quickfire Challenge? How much experience do you have making desserts?
I thought the Quickfire was fair. I knew a dessert challenge was inevitably going to make an appearance, so I was slightly mentally prepared. Desserts are not my strong suit, which I mentioned on the show. I really do not enjoy making them. My experience level in that arena is limited to what I learned in culinary school and making cookies at home when I was a kid. Did you know who the guest judge was? What did you think of his critiques?
Nope ... I honestly had never heard of him before. All of us were kinda like "Who's he?" His critiques were hard to understand. He has a very heavy French accent and I couldn't really grasp what he was trying to say most of the time. You've been criticized for making scallops, were you worried at all the chefs would criticize you rather than praise you for your dish because of it?
I wasn't worried about what the other chefs may have said. I was more concerned about the judges' perception. Plus, for me I knew it was a gamble to do the scallops again, but I really wanted to redeem myself. I knew that I could sear a scallop perfectly, and I wanted to showcase that. Since it was served family style, I thought it would be great for each guest to have their own scallop that was properly cooked, rather then breaking into a big piece of fish or What were you thinking when you saw who the "culinary experts" were?
Oh shit. This is going to be interesting. I kind of expected them to rip us apart. Were you worried at all that they would purposely lie to knock your dishes down?
Yes, of course ... it's a competition, right? The new judge, Toby Young, had some fairly harsh comments for everyone else -- what did you think of his comments?
I thought his comments were slightly obnoxious. He seemed to be making ridiculous remarks just for television. I think he just really wanted to stand out and have his presence known. Do you think the right people went home?
From what I heard about their food, yes, but I didn't taste either dish, so it's hard for me to say 100%. What did you think of the other chefs' dishes overall?
I thought we all could have done better ... it was mostly uninspired or poorly executed.