Ash Fulk: No Regrets

Ash talks about falling on his sword, working with Michael, and Ashley's exit. Everyone was kind of hating on Robin -- what would your reaction have been if you had been her partner? What were the chefs like to her in the house?
First about Robin: Robin is a lot to handle at times. She is very intense and says whatever is on her mind. I have worked with plenty of different types of people before, so feel confident that we should have worked well togehether. Did you worry at all about taking a backseat to Michael Voltaggio's vision for your dish?
Micheal is a great chef, a great chef knows the he needs to trust the people around him, especially his colleagues. I was never worried about taking a backseat. You made a very sweet, albeit not very strategic speech at Judges' Table in Michael's defense -- you seemed to regret it after. What did you think then and what do you think now? Would you take it back?
I never regretted it! A little when everyone gave me a hard time. I would say that I wish had chosen a less dramatic way to say it, but the sentiment was there then and is still true. You're the only chef from NYC -- does that mean anything to you? Do you feel extra pressure?
Being the only NYC chef is kind of funny to me. There are so many great chefs in this city and who the heck am I? I  just hope I dont embarrass the NYC chefs. I will never hear the end of it! What was your reaction to being safe and Ashley going home instead?
It is no secret I was sad to see Ashley go. I really admired this chef, but it is a competition and today wasn't my day. Thank goodness. As Micheal said, it is down to a grain of salt.

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