Jennifer Carroll: "I Wanted to Win, But That Didn't Happen!"

Jennifer Carroll talks about helping another chef go for the title she was so close to competing for. Did you have a preference of who you wanted to work with?
No, I would have been happy working with any of them; they are all extremely talented. I was partners with all of them at different challenges during the show: Bryan, during the first relay race challenge and our team won; Michael during the Robuchon challenge and we were at the winners' Judges' Table, and Kevin, during the dinner party at the Top Chef house, which we/I won. What was it like working under Bryan?
It was great working under him. He was organized, focused, and had a clear vision of what he wanted. Did any mishaps happen?
Bryan’s mom came into the kitchen and we got a little sidetracked with time, but we were definitely able to pull it together and get everything done. What was your reaction to who won?
I was very happy for Michael, but sad for Bryan and Kevin at the same time. It was definitely bittersweet. Michael definitely took the most risks on the show with his food, and always pushed himself to the limit. The word "safe" does not exist in Michael’s vocabulary. He made beautiful, creative, well-thought-out, great-tasting food for the final challenge and deserved the win. Who did you want to win?
I wanted to win but that didn’t happen ;). I loved all three of them so much, I just wanted them all to do well and make it really hard for the judges to decide who would win the title, which they did! I secretly wanted Bryan to win because I was on his team but that’s just me being competitive. How do you think you would have done if you had had this challenge?
I know I would have done well. It would have been awesome to pay tribute to my mom on the show too! Was it emotional at all trying to help someone else when you were so close to being in the final three?
I was emotional about being eliminated, but when I got in the kitchen all those feelings disappeared. I was there to do whatever Bryan needed ,and tried to help him get the win. I worked for him as if it was myself and my own food going up for the title of Top Chef.

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