Kevin Gillespie: The Meat Stigma

The challenge winner explains why he wanted people to know he could cook veggies, and what he thought of Michael's comment about his food. First the Quickfire, why did you decide to go with the meatballs for the Sopranos?
I wanted to make something that embodied the spirit of Italian American frugality. I think that a well-made meatball is both delicious and appropriate for a challenge that asked you to create a meal that was inspired by T.V. dinners. So, how excited was your grandmother that you will have a Schwan’s meal?
I'm not sure if she even knows about it or not. I know that she watches the show, but I haven't had a chance to talk to her since the episode. Onto the veggie challenge: how important was it to you to win this one?
I wanted to win this challenge very much for multiple reasons. As someone who has eaten a vegetarian diet on many occasions I wanted to make substantial food, full of flavor, that didn't make the diner long to find a piece of meat to make the meal complete. I know how challenging it can be to find vegetarian food that doesn't disappoint in some way or another. I also wanted to do away with the stigma that I somehow only know how to make meat-heavy foods. It's simply not true. What was the inspiration behind your dish?
I find that smoky flavors along with the texture of mushrooms can often trick the mind into embracing the dish as if it was a meat laden plate of food. I personally don't find fake or synthesized meat substitutes very interesting and instead would prefer to achieve the result through other means. Were you surprised how much trouble people had with portion control/flavor?
I think that oftentimes people can find it challenging to make flavorful and filling vegetarian cuisine. In our upbringing as chefs, we rarely find ourselves facing the restrictions to what we can use to make a dish delicious, and thus many chefs have not developed that skill set. I'm not sure that I would have the experience either had I not forced myself to learn how to satisfy myself during Lent. Did you try any of the other dishes? If so, what’d you think?
I didn't have the chance to try anyone else's dish. I went last. Michael Voltaggio makes a comment that he could’ve made your dish his second year of interning. What did you think when he said that?
I have had the opportunity to talk to Michael about his comment and we have resolved any hard feelings as adults. I think that the stress of the show, and the overwhelming emotions that accompany winning and losing sometimes make people say or do things that they regret later. I feel confident that Michael and I share a mutual respect for each other and often agree to disagree on the proper way to approach cooking. Were you excited to cook for Natalie Portman?
I was excited to cook for Natalie Portman simply because I think that it is fun to get the opinion of people other than chefs sometimes. Natalie has certainly eaten her fair share of delicious vegetarian food, considering her travels abroad, and I enjoyed the opportunity to share with her my take on it. How are you feeling at this point in the competition?
I think this is the point in the competition that you have to realize that you can no longer rest on the idea that someone will go home before you. You have to make your food incredibly purposeful and full of flavor to stay in the game. Were you surprised Mike I. went home? Do you think someone else should have gone home instead?
I was surprised to see Mike go home, but feel that he regretted his dish and new of its flaws. Thankfully, I am not in the business of making those decisions so I will remain neutral.

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