Robin Leventhal: No Ill Will Towards Michael

Robin explains that she understands why the younger Voltaggio ultimately won. Were you upset at all that Michael won after the problems you had with him?
My “problems” with Michael Voltagio were minor. Really, other than the plating issue during restaurant wars, he was decent to me. He is incredibly talented and deserves to be Top Chef. In my opinion, Bryan brings a level of maturity to his food that I thought would have ensured him the win over his hot-shot brother. However, that is not how the judges base their determination. Taste is fundamentally what matters in the end and clearly Michael’s adventurous palate and unusual parings won them over. I think in the end that is why he outshined his brother in this competition. I only wish we had the opportunity to sample each other’s food more to see if it truly tasted as good as it looked!

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