Toby Young: Like Being a Trial Lawyer

Toby Young explains how the judges finally came to a consensus. What was the general reaction at the table about all the dishes?
Interestingly, opinion at the table quickly converged, identifying one winner for each course Do you have a one-line response for the first dishes that came out?
I'm not a big broccoli fan so I liked the fact that Michael turned it into popcorn. What was it like at Judges' Table?
Being at Judges' Table in the finale is like being a trial lawyer: You're job is to defend the person you think should win. How much disagreement went on?
We didn't converge on a winner until very late in the process How did you finally come to a consensus?
Basically, Tom threatened to kill us if we didn't shut up. What do you think of the other two chefs?
I'm a big fan of Kevin and Bryan's. I think they have big careers ahead of them.

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