Tom Colicchio

Did you know eating was Singapore's national pastime? 

on Sep 15, 2010

A quick word about Kelly’s elimination:  I was unpleasantly surprised that someone on Twitter suggested we were racist for eliminating Tiffany and, this week, sexist for eliminating Kelly.  I don’t think Tiffany or Kelly would have wanted special dispensation for being minorities. When Stephanie Izzard was interviewed about becoming our first female Top Chef in Season Four, she said that she didn’t care about that – she wasn’t a ‘female chef’, she was just a chef.  Nor do we care about it.  In fact, I think it’s offensive that it was even suggested.  Do you think Gail and Padma were being sexist?  Might I point out that both of our senior executives at Bravo, Lauren Zalaznick and Frances Berwick are women, as are Nan Strait and Liz Cook, two of the executive producers at Magical Elves and Jane Lipsitz, another executive producer and one of the two partners at Magical Elves? So really.  Let’s all just stop right there.  Enough.

Let’s all stay focused on the food.  As our chefs did.  All four did beautiful work, and it was exciting to be judging them. This is just what we hope for on Top Chef – a competition in which fine chefs cook their hearts out and we, in turn, find ourselves genuinely challenged to ascertain the most and least excellent of the selections.