Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain speculates that Top Chef fans are probably quite satisfied with this week's outcome.

on Jan 12, 2011

We saw Padma, dressed like Mr. Howell in Gilligan's Island. Kind of a yachting outfit, I gather -- though our intrepid host was noticeably absent from the churning, angry seas during the actual fishing scene. I have to say, by the way, that I was shocked that none -- none -- among the contestants were to be seen spraying chunks over the side. Many years of making way too many fishing scenes for purposes of television have taught me an almost ironclad set of rules.  Rule One is that for every five people who go out on the water, one will become sea sick. Rule Two is that no matter if giant sea creatures were leaping out of the water and onto the deck yesterday at this time, TODAY, when the cameras are rolling, there shall be nothing. Rule Three is that the best strategy is to dispatch a PA to the nearest supermarket in advance, for some Gorton's frozen fish sticks or a flounder filet to attach to the hook.

We also learned that when Jamie says "I'm excited," it means she's visibly breathing.

Challenged to cook and serve their catch from an earlier fishing scene on Water Taxi Beach, the contestants formed teams and reverted to predictable patterns of behavior:

We learned that maybe there really is something to the longstanding superstition that to be a teammate of Antonia (The Black Hammer), spells doom:  both Jamie and Tiffani F. fell -- one on each side  of her. Jamie, for making a bland, watery, and flavorless dish with incompetently cooked bass. Tiffani for making the fatal error with bluefish of not removing the dark, oily blood line whose strong flavor and odor can quickly permeate the rest of the fish. Which is too bad as she correctly understood how good the under-appreciated bluefish can be when fresh. I admire anyone who cooks bluefish and I'm sorry to see Tiffani go. She was a strong contender.