Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain speculates that Top Chef fans are probably quite satisfied with this week's outcome.

on Jan 12, 2011

Richard, Fabio and Marcel -- three complicated characters -- colluded on one overly complicated dish. And Marcel being Marcel, there's NEVER an occasion where foam doesn't improve things. Except when it doesn't. Like this time. I loved guest chef Kerry Heffernan's comment: "Foam on a beach?" Exactly.

Dale stayed out of trouble by  (once again) identifying the venue and the context and making good decisions. What do you want to eat on a beach? Answer: Fish tacos!

Antonia made a similarly wise choice with her Open faced Po' Boy with Old Bay mayonnaise.

Angelo managed to resist the urge to do raw fish.  And it was entertaining watching him hide under the table, refusing to be objectified by his teammate, Mike Isabella's, solicitations of female passersby.

And underestimated Carla gave  us all a lesson on how to do everything right on Top Chef, and how well bluefish takes smoke, serving it with pumpernickel and dill with lettuce wraps -- an homage to New York -- and the beach -- that won her a trip to Amsterdam and five Gs.  Maybe she can sell her prize to Antonia, who one suspects, might enjoy that particular destination more -- or Marcel "Snoop" Vigneron, who for sure smokes an ounce a bud before brushing his teeth in the morning, then, no doubt, to his corners, to pistol whip any crew who might have come up short on the money.

All in all, a strange, but ultimately satisfying episode of Top Chef. Tune in NEXT week for an episode I'm pretty proud of. And a challenge I actually helped design. Excitement and drama guaranteed.