Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain thought this episode would suck, but as he admits, he was wrong.

on Dec 21, 2010

Was Marcel wearing a "Members Only" jacket in the confessional? Are they coming back? I'm confused.

Casey made what can only be described as a "deconstructed" stuffing, a decision that would have worked only if Santa Claus was a communist.

Carla's "Un Done-tay" quinoia was certainly an inauspicious beginning to the day. But she managed to bounce back (big time) from this hilarious mea culpa in Elimination Round.
Fabio improvised a polenta and cheese stuffing by grating cheese on a wire rack shelf, congratulating himself while doing it by commenting "That is genius!!" No, Fabio. Actually, that is "clostridium perfringens," the third most common cause of food poisoning.

Tre's Southwestern, cornbread stuffing won the QF -- immunity and $20K. I, of course, (as the father of a little girl) was rooting for him from afar. Two girls? He'll be needing that money.

Things started to get really interesting after the Elimination Challenge was announced. Spike suddenly reverted to Sneaky Spike of years past, enlisting his team on a High Security Secret Mission to outwit, outflank and out-strategize the opposing team. Of tantamount importance to his Master Plan, however, was that Jamie -- who it was assumed would make a crappy dish -- would go first, putting her presumably lame-o offering up against one of the opposing team's stronger efforts, thereby causing them to "waste" it. One would think that Jamie would feel slighted by the near instananeous assumption by her teammates that she was incapable of coming up with anything worthwhile. But no.

"Whatever," says our hero. "If I can avoid fighting, I'm going to avoid fighting."

Jamie might actually be the most brilliant of all the contestants. At the end of this episode she will have survived THREE weeks without cooking anything other than a quick tomato soup. Her strategy seems to actually be: "If I can avoid cooking, I'm going to avoid cooking." And it appears to be working.