Burning Questions

The production team behind Bravo hits like Top Chef and Work of Art answer our questions about their latest project: Justin Bieber's first film.

Feb 11, 2011

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz

Dan Cutforth (l) and Jane Lipsitz with Never Say Never director Jon M. Chu

Monica Reyhani: How was the premiere?
Jane Lipsitz: It was amazing. It was a purple carpet, and it was overwhelming. You know there was so much press, and screaming fans, and I mean it was a huge, huge event. And it was incredibly exciting for us.

Dan Cutforth: It was actually the first time I’ve been back to Nokia since the Emmys.

MR: I can’t even imagine what it’s like being even in his vicinity right now, with all those kids. What is that like?
JL: It’s sort of like the thing that you see in movies. We’ve all seen Hard Day’s Night. You can’t really describe it in words until you’re actually in the midst of it. I was on the road with him for two weeks when we were shooting the film, and it’s a really unique experience, and it’s an incredible moment in time for this teen idol. And I think it’s really kind of refreshing to know that in every generation, there’s still this genuine love of a pop icon. It just felt really innocent and ‘90s, really touching in a way that this is an ongoing tradition or a right of passage for young girls, teenagers.

MR: Did the fan-demonium cause any unexpected either problems or anything during production?
JL: Actually, I think our crew had an amazing time on the road, because if they just walked out, the girls were screaming at them. Our audio guy would walk down the line and just lift his hand in the air and the girls would go nuts. So I think it was a really fun experience for everyone on the road, just because by association everyone sort of became part of that, an extension of that level of fame.

MR: That poor audio guy!
JL: He loved it.

M: So the vibe on set was just really joyous?
JL: Yeah it was. Although, I will say at one point there actually was a moment at Madison Square Garden, and we saw a couple of white-faced producers come running in the door. It reached such a level of pandemonium that I think there was a moment where they were in fear for their well-being.