Burning Questions

The production team behind Bravo hits like Top Chef and Work of Art answer our questions about their latest project: Justin Bieber's first film.

Feb 11, 2011

MR: I think that you know something you kind of said Dan, you were sort of surprised by the skill. I think the reason a lot of our viewers watch Top Chef is they want to see really talented people. What do you think a Bravo fan, or a Top Chef fan maybe specifically, would like to see in this film or really get out of seeing this film?
DC: I feel like a lot of the shows that we’ve done have been about people in pursuit of their dreams, people with talent in pursuit of their dreams. And that’s really what this movie is about too. I think that the movie has a lot of heart and has a story to tell as well, and I think that it’s a story probably only partly familiar to a lot of the audience. You would be hard-pressed to find a more cynical group of people than the people we work with, and they literally walked out of the premiere the other night with tears in their eyes. Not even kidding. Our head of production said he cried four times during the movie. I think that people may have the expectation that this movie is sort of a kind of puff piece, or, you know, a sort of promotional tool, but we really did set out to tell a story, and I think that that’s something that I really feel that the Bravo audience will respond to.

We know from testing the movie that a lot of the kids in the test audience obviously came with their moms, primarily, and the movie really resonated with them, with parents. It really did well with them, and people who were not expecting to like the movie, liked it a lot. So, hopefully [it will surprise people], and you kind of get that tone from the reviews, that “Wow, this was actually kind of good.”

JL: I went to the New York premiere and a lot of my friends and family that were there, they all walked out of it saying, “I’m totally converted. I would recommend this movie to my friends with kids and my friends without
kids.” And it was a really good feeling because I think that our goal is the same as with Top Chef, that we try to tell good stories, and we hope that that’s what this movie will deliver. And honestly, it’s a feel-good movie, it really is. And you know you can’t help it, his music is so catchy that you love the music as well by the end of the show.

MR: Well I wanted to ask, you know you guys obviously had to listen to a lot of his music. Do you have a favorite song?
JL: I like “One Time” which is his first single, and I also love “Dance
with Her?” which is his ballad, which is at the end of the movie, which brings tears to my eyes.

DC: I don’t know why I answer this question truthfully because it makes me sound so lame, but my favorite song is “One Less Lonely Girl.”

MR: There’s no shame in that. If you could give any Top cheftestant, or judge, the Bieber haircut, who would it be?
DC: I have to go Colicchio.

JL: Oh yeah definitely.

DC: Maybe Mike Isabella.