Burning Questions

The production team behind Bravo hits like Top Chef and Work of Art answer our questions about their latest project: Justin Bieber's first film.

Feb 11, 2011

MR: Speaking of Top Chef, we’re halfway through All-Stars and the fans are loving it. What do you think of the season so far?
DC:I love it. I mean it’s always sort of hard to say, but I feel like this might be my favorite season of the show ever. Obviously the cast is incredible, but I feel like we’re really proud of the creative that we put together this season, and the challenges that we had them do. And it was funny, so many of the chefs came back and said at the end of this all that this was like boot camp in a great way, that it stretched them in ways that they didn’t think, it stretched them to do things that they didn’t think they were capable of. They absolutely really loved and embraced the challenges. It was just really a fun season on every level. It’s been a really fun season.

JL: I think it’s also nice to have a season that you feel has a lot of energy around it in the public eye. You can feel a positive buzz and a big energy around a particular season.

MR: Do you have any sort of production secrets from the film that you can divulge? That maybe people might not know while they’re watching?
JL: It was pretty down and dirty. We were running. For being a huge studio picture, it was a lot of run and gun, and back to basics. The way it was shot was just as similar, ironically, to Bands on the Run, which is why we were brought in in the first place. It all came full circle.

MR: Did this change anything about the way you might produce things in the future? Anything you learned from this production because it was on a such bigger scale?
JL: Anytime you do something in a different genre, it just makes you think about the way you do storytelling, and thinking about original ways to tell stories or multiple voices. It was a really amazing experience for us. I think we learned a lot from the experience, and we hope we can bring that to our television production as well.