Eli Kirshtein

Eli Kirshtein shares his own Target experiences.

on Feb 17, 2011

Who didn’t watch Sesame Street at some point in their childhood? It has almost become requisite for American youth to have Big Bird, Oscar, and The Count guiding you through basics of education and social interaction. The experience can even be doubled up in your life with the addition of kids of your own. Walking into the Top Chef kitchen and seeing three of television’s cultural icons staring you down must be a shell shock that can make you feel a wide gamut of emotions. It also must have been pretty obvious what the challenge was with king Cookie Monster holding court in the middle of the table.

Forty-five is not a lot of time to bake many things well. In order to make amazing baked goods, like cookies, there is a lot of time that must go into things like chilling dough, and resting the baked items. With all that being said the chefs did a great job of producing well-baked items quickly. I was a little surprised not to say many items that were “frosted” or had a filling of some kind. But it still did seem like the chefs were able to produce flavorful items quickly. 

I really do have a soft spot in my heart for Target. It is a place I have on more than one occasion wandered around the store, and explored the different areas for extended periods of time. Previous to owning a quality vacuum-sealing machine in a restaurant I have gone on regular occasion to buy domestic grade Foodsaver bags there. I have even been known to run through a store on Black Friday to get my hands on a holiday present for my sister. It would be really exciting to be able to build a whole dish and food prep station out of a single store like that, even if it is a scary task.

Opening a food service establishment contains more layers than you can imagine. The fundamental of just cooking represents only a tiny component of the whole process, and often times the final piece of the puzzle. When you ask someone to gather all the needed materials as well as conceptualize a dish in just a few hours, nonetheless late-night, it probably wont be a very magnanimous of a situation. But Target really would probably be the best place to do that.