Eli Kirshtein

Eli Kirshtein shares his own Target experiences.

on Feb 17, 2011

Over the course of the show the chefs always have certain levels of familiarity, their own knives, the Top Chef kitchen, even the grocery store that you do your shopping at. You start to feel at home with some aspects of the disjointed Top Chef life. This challenge really changed that. With the removal of all of those things, the chefs had to put the whole package together in one shot. Antonia also did a tremendous job of pointing out a critical problem, what do you do first? Equipment? Food? It is all so very connected and goes full circle, it could really be maddening. I would personally have been very intimidated with the idea of sitting in the car with out my own knives, not knowing what I would find on the other end. 

The chefs were able to figure out what they had to do to get the job done. No one really seemed to have it all fall apart in terms of getting organized and getting food out. No one was unable to complete the challenge, which is a feat onto itself. I also feel like they all were able to figure out what people wanted to eat late-night, none of the dishes really just seemed out of place. They all did a good job under the most extreme of circumstances.

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