Eli Kirshtein

Eli Kirshtein explains why it must have been difficult for the chefs to compete against their respective season's winner.

on Mar 10, 2011

Say what you will about some chefs having gained a slight advantage from starting the challenge from scratch, but some of the chefs who did make modifications did poorly and some did well, conversely some who stuck to their initial game plan did poorly and some did well. Either way, if there was an advantage, no one really capitalized on it to any extreme. I think Gail really hit the nail on the head when commenting about the chefs hitting a wall with the situation. In all the challenges I cooked in, I was always striving to the finish line, I wanted to play like everyday was the Super Bowl. I wanted to use everything I had in me and run out of gas right at the buzzer.  I think the chefs had to dig really deep to find some adrenaline to push through to the finish.

I really am getting more and more excited about the show coming to a close. I feel all of the chefs who made it to the finals have proven themselves up to this point and it can only get better from here. Next week looks absolutely crazy, and I can’t wait to see it!

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