Eli Kirshtein

Eli Kirshtein shares his love for Richard Blais.

on Mar 31, 2011

After two years, there was a run through Miami, then back to Atlanta. After a little juggling around, Richard went on Top Chef. He became a name to know about food, period. He borderline became a household name. He started to become very successful, hitting many life goals for himself.  The one thing he left on the table was the win.

Often times when I do a Top Chef event, there are extensive Q&A sessions. One question that is almost always asked is, “Who should have won that didn’t”? Of course I would say Richard, but after doing several events with other previous Top Chefers, they all pretty much unanimously said the same.

I think this was a big longing in his heart he wanted filled. Now this may read as a total ego-stroking diatribe, and one that I wouldn’t ever feel like I could write completely or well enough. But the reality is that I love the guy. He is one of the best souls that I know and he really deserves this. I don’t discredit anyone else’s feeling that they needed to win this also, but this time it is his redemption song.

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