Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert is jealous of the restaurants in which the chefs got to eat this week, and has some choice words for Elia Aboumrad.

on Dec 15, 2010

Angelo was at Ma Peche, and Ma Peche is Vietnamese, French-influenced kind of cooking. I think that Angelo was very creative, and took a big risk with a big twist, which was to add white chocolate with fish. I don't even think David Chang would have thought of that, but it was very ingenius and Kate Krader seems to love it, and the panel of the judges loved the dish, including David, so Angelo had one fo the best dish of that challenge.

Antonia catch the spirit of David by doing scallop with peas and carrots. And she's very playful, she pickled the carrots. David like the dish very much, the judges like the dish very much, and I think she's on top becuas she understood his philosophy and created a great dish as well.

So at Marea, Stephen, because he seems to understood the restaurant well, is giving a lot of advice while they're eating, and he has been a frequesnt customer at Marea. In the end, it happened that I don’t think he really understaood the phoilsophy at Marea because he got eliminated. It's too bad because he could have I think if he would've been a bit more careful with his cooking, been on the top, and eventually win. Marea is a great seafood restaurant -- Italian-inspired. It's all about the quality of the ingredients, about elevating the ingredients to the next level. And Stephen could have done that, but something wrong happened, and he's going home.

Dale at Townouse, has the same style in his restaurant at David Burke, and he's happy, he's going to be playful with his food, and he's definitely bringing some fantasy and some little twist here and there. Unfortunately a strange idea of bringing French toast into his dish, and it looks like he's mixing breakfast and dinner or lunch together. At the end of the day, the dish is not harmonious, it's overly sweet, and unfortunately for Dale he's going with Stephen home.

It's Eric Ripert commenting on Episode 3 of Top Chef in New York All-Stars season.