Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert offers the chef a stage at Le Bernardin.

on Jan 12, 2011

Actually I would love to have Jamie come into Le Bernardin and train if she wants with us to reinforce her skills in cooking fish, and understanding how to prepare fish. I would love to offer Jamie a stage at Le Bernardin if she's willing to do that. She's very welcome, and obviously she has the option not to come. But I think it would be helpful, because I have seen her for a couple of seasons now, struggling with fish, so why not?

Tiffani goes home. She had the bluefish, and bluefish is a challenging fish, because the perception by a lot of the people is that it's not a very good fish. Bluefish is a very rich fish, with a lot of fat that kind of oxidize very quickly and therefore becomes fishy when it's not very fresh. However, when it's very fresh it's a delicious fish. What you have to be careful with bluefish, is that you have to remove the blood, so if you leave bluefish with the skin and there's a lot of blood in between the flesh and the skin, you have to remove the skin and the blood because that is ultra-fishy, and it's barely edible. And I think it's what sent Tiffani home. It's because she didn't remove the blood and therefore it was too strong and not delicious at all.

Richard, Fabio, and Marcel decide to work as a team and make only one dish, and they almost, they are on the verge of going home because the succotash is not really well prepared. It's only one dish, so it's nothing to save the group basically. It's a lot of critique toward that dish. I think they are lucky to have ultra-fishy bluefish from Tiffani and a poor dish from Jamie, if not maybe two of them could have gone home that day. But they’re still on board.

Carla made exactly like Tiffani, actually, a bluefish, which is smoked, and I think she finds the right way to prepare the dish. By shopping at the market, I mean the store, she finds the right ingredients to bring some texture, and to bring some of the right flavors and acidities that compliment the fish and cuts the richness of the fish. Her fish is definitely not fishy, from what I understand, and Carla wins the challenge.

This was Episode 6 of Top Chef in New York City.