Eric Ripert

Resident Frenchman, Eric Ripert, discusses his issue with the Quickfire, and why Fabio is wrong about the winning dish.

on Feb 2, 2011

I  am Eric Ripert, chef of Le Bernardin commenting on Top Chef episode 8 New York Season All-Stars.

I was surprised with the Quickfire. I was very happy, actually, to see Isaac Mizrahi because Isaac has a lot of passion for great food. Actually he has a video blog that hosts very often some very good chefs, and demystifies some recipes from those chefs. He's a foodie. He actually, also is coming to Le Bernardin very often as well, and is definitely the proper person to judge a food challenge.

I have a problem a little bit with this challenge because to me food is about, ultimately about, flavor. And presentation comes really, in the least of priorities, much further, firstly the quality of the ingredients, then the flavor that you get for your recipes, then finally the presentation. I have a problem that it was only about presentation, and they didn't have to cook the food. Because to me cooking is, at it's best, and especially in competition like that, it's about combining the great flavors and the presentation, and it's too bad that they didn't have to make their food edible.

However, it was very entertaining. I loved Isaac's remarks. I thought they were really hilarious actually, and congratulations to the winner!

Actually Richard's dish was very appealing to me. It looked like it could be a very good dish and I think he had a good vision about creating, in his mind, the right flavors and then a presentation that was striking.

Some of the dishes looked really appealing and exciting to watch.

Angelo's dish, it was a rough comment from Fabio saying it "looked like vomit in a bag". It really did look like vomit in a bag, I'm sorry Angelo. Isaac didn't like also the fact that he wrote crocodile on the table. I kind of agree with that.

Dale did a dish that really looked like someone ate and didn't even like his food and left the leftover in the plate. So that was not really a successful combination.

But you know art is very subjective, and presentation obviously is very subjective as well, so.

I think Richard deserved to win, it could have been maybe someone else.

I don't think Angelo and Dale would have won that challenge for sure.