Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert provides a little more insight into Justo Thomas' role at Le Bernardin.

on Jan 19, 2011

Marcel's team is a disaster. And Marcel is the captain so basically the captain is basically an executive chef in the kitchen and nobody seems to trust Marcel or nobody wants to listen to Marcel. And the entire episode he's complaining about that. And you just, you can't force people to listen to you. People will follow you and will listen to you and will do whatever needs to be done if you inspire trust. And you will inspire trust again by showing leadership skills, by being an example yourself, by showing calmness, by showing organization, by directing properly people with the right vocabulary and by again not stressing the team, by comforting the team. And by having a certain logic about the way you are going to organize that team. And then if the team understands your logic and your directions, and if it makes sense to them, they will follow you. So on that aspect, I must say, I mean Marcel has to take responsibility for the failure of that team.

So Mike Isabella has a dish which is under-seasoned. The octopus seems to be bland as well. Antonia has a dish that has the sauce too reduced or too salty. Marcel has a monkfish, which seems to be very bland in texture. He makes a foam that doesn't necessarily make sense for this kind of concept as well, doesn't bring anything. So everybody is disappointed by his dish and by the dish of the team in general. And then they have this dessert that doesn't seem to be pleasing the judges and the people who are eating at the restaurant. Nobody has good comments on it. So why add a dessert when you are already struggling with the rest of your menu? I don't know. Maybe it was a risk to take? Anyway, it didn't pay off.

And at the end, after fighting in front of the judges. The panel decides that Marcel is the one to go.

I'm Eric Ripert I was commenting on Episode 7 of Top Chef in New York City.