Team Top Chef

Childhood memories surface as the three remaining chefs cook Michelle Bernstein, Morimoto, and Wolfgang Puck's "last suppers."

Mar 23, 2011

The judges however needed one more challenge to decide who would move on with Richard. I was exhausted just watching the episode to this point, so I can't even imagine how the chefs mustered the strength to keep cooking. But, they did. They had to cook one bite! Although both looked a little big to me, I wanted to try both of them. Antonia stuck with a grouper dish and Mike made surf and turf. It was close, but Mike prevailed. I'm sad to see Antonia go -- I really enjoy watching her, but she's very talented, and I know she'll be just fine. Mazel tov to Mike! His winning streak in the Bahamas thus far is fairly epic, and he should be proud (and exhausted!)

Next week we see Richard and Mike go head-to-head for the ultimate win. The episode is insane, and possibly even more heartwrenching than anything we've seen yet, so grab some blood pressure medication and a box of tissues because it's a wild ride.

Until then, Have a Nosh!