Team Top Chef's Senior Editor passes on the advice of her wise high school tennis coach.

Dec 21, 2010

Back to Jamie for one sec, not only did she not cook because her beans weren't ready, and Richard called her out for it, but she was also shown up by Carla this week. Carla cut herself and was bleeding rather heavily. While the lovely Orthodox medic (I wonder if he's single!) told her she, too, probably needs further medical assistance, she just seemed more annoyed than anything to be losing time creating her dish. She sucked it up, and kept truckin'. AND, she won the challenge! I knew from the moment she said she was confident about her dish despite the naysayers, that she had it in the bag. She's a runner and knew what to make -- she's wasn't just pulling an African soup recipe out of thin air!. Hootie-hoo, indeed!

While Carla was rewarded for her perseverence and confidence (in the karmic sense), Spike was sent home, despite what he thought was a fail-proof strategy. Too bad his food just wasn't up to par. Obviously the "sneaky motherf---er" will be fine -- he has two thriving restaurants in D.C., and if his pizza is anything like his burgers and the marshmallow milkshake at Good Stuff, he'll be just fine.

A couple of things cracked me up about this episode. First of all, did anyone else hear Tiffani say "Lit-rally" just like Rachel Zoe at one point? Crazy! Also, I loved the conversations about what people should/would eat before a tennis match. While protein is certainly important, I don't know if I would eat a pork chop before a major tourney, or pasta for that matter. But, who am I to talk? Every afternoon before high school tennis practice, the rest of the team and I would hit up the eateries in the area, which were a pizza place (that had delicious chicken franchaise pizza, which I've never found again), TCBY (for some white chocolate mousse Shivers), and of course, Checkers (for their addictive spiced fries.) My coach was none too pleased when he'd found out that that was what we were eating before games. He'd say "Miss Reyhani, how about a turkey sandwich for energy?" I never listened. If I was competing in the US Open, however, that would've been a different story. Had I been competing, as I, and apparently blog commenter "ruann" like to think about, I would've made a refined turkey sammy. I would've had a neat story to go along with the dish too, which usually goes over well.

And that, my dear readers, is why I'm not on Top Chef.

I won't be back till after the New Year, so I just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and a Happy New Year to all! I'll be visiting Boston next week, so hopefully I'll eat something worth talking about. Until then, Happy Noshing!