Team Top Chef

The chefs have a Survivor moment while catching their own protein and cooking on the beach.

Mar 16, 2011

Richard made, what he considered, a boring dish. Thank G-d for Antonia who gave him some perspective saying that "sweet potato pasta" is anything but ordinary. Can we all just agree that Richard is "Piggie" in this week's little Lord of the Flies scenario? All he was missing was the glasses. Richard's "pasta" was apparently so well-executed that Gail had to tell Tom it wasn't really pasta! Although Richard was worried the dish was inappropriate for the venue, I thought it was fairly genius. Like Gail said, he took the ingredients and inspiration of the Bahamian location but married it with his Long Island roots. I actually forgot that Richard is from Long Island -- he's actually from a nearby town.

Antonia produced a solid dish -- the only criticism being that her dish was the same thing they always see from her -- four ingredients, simple food. I think Antonia's defense, turning around what was a valid point about playing it safe into a positive about her signature style of cooking, was sort of brilliant. I've always loved Antonia, but I think this season really showcases just what a smart competitor she is.

And finally we have Tiffany, who went home. Judging from many of your comments over the season, I don't think anyone's too sad to see her leave. Cold chowder -- that was meant to be hot -- doesn't sound like something I'd want to eat. And unfortunately it sent her packing. Tiffany's an absolute doll in real life, so I wish her all the success in the world. And, as she said, she has a lot to be proud of.

Next week's episode is also insane and difficult, but in a less physical way.

I've been eating out a lot the past couple weeks, and went to Dos Caminos Third Avenue twice in a week! Season 4's Lisa Fernandes heads up the kitchen there, and is doing great. I eat there fairly often anyway, but having her in the kitchen is an added bonus. My one tip would be to go there for brunch. I don't know if most people think to go there for brunch, but it's fantastic. Specifically, I recommend the Smoked Salmon and Avocado Benedict. It's served on cornbread, a delicious twist on the classic preparation. I'm so in a seafood state of mind with this Spring-like weather rolling through the city. It's getting so warm that I'm already thinking about my August birthday, and whether or not I should make my friends shlep to Maryland to eat at VOLT. What do you guys think?!

Anywaaay, as always tell me where you've been eating, and until next week, Have a Nosh!