Team Top Chef's Senior Editor makes an embarrassing confession.

Dec 8, 2010

My little curators, I have a confession to make: I've seen Camp Rock. Both of them. And not ironically I might add. Sure, Nick Jonas won me over in the sequal, but Joe's dark features have always made him my favorite. Then, I find out he's a foodie?! And he answered my Burning Questions this week. So, basically Joe Jonas is perfect. There, I've said it!

The chefs, of course, barely had a clue who Joe is, but that's OK -- I'm sure he'll get over it. Joe kind of hilariously introduces this week's Quickfire Challenge telling the chefs that not only do they have to produce "midnight snacks" for kids staying overnight at the Museum of Natural History, but they have 30 seconds to do it. Oh Joe. The chefs seemed to believe him, which was the funniest part. (I swear that's my last Jonas gush for the rest of the blog.) Also amusing and a little bit sad actually was most of the chefs' disdain for children, although it didn't really surprise me.

As the chefs tried to figure out what to make, many of them scrambled for sugar, which Dale Talde seemed to be hoarding. Eh, I didn't think it was as big a deal as the other chefs seemed to think it was, but it certainly didn't make Dale any friends. Many of the dish choices seemed fairly odd to me. I actually think watcing Top Chef: Just Desserts helped me a lot with understanding what would be successful in this challenge because those chefs had to create bake sale items for children in one challenge. Although the All-Stars' dishes didn't have to be sweet, I could instantly tell which sweet creations might be sucessful with the children. And Tiffani's sounded like it would be. It just sounded like something Eric Wolitzsky might make on Desserts, and if you remember, Eric won the Bake Sale challenge with his crispy treat. Spike tied Tiffani for the win at first with his carrot chips and yogurt dipping sauce. I thought this dish was pretty brilliant. Thinking about it now, I probably would've made popcorn. Despite the obvious digestion issues with serving corn products, which maybe everyone would want to avoid, popcorn is pretty healthy, even with kettle-corn-like sugar additions. So the kids would get something sweet AND salty without being completely wired. I"m sure I would have won the challenge.