Team Top Chef's Senior Editor makes an embarrassing confession.

Dec 8, 2010

Since Tiffani and Spike tied, it was up to the kids to decide the Quickfire winner, and sure enough, Tiffani's was the resounding choice. As the winner she got an advantage in the Elimination Challenge. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs would stay in their two groups to cook breakfast for the kids and the museum adults. One group would only be able to use meats and animal by-products. The other only produce and grains. Tiffani thought choosing the carniverous team was an advantage, but as Marcel so calmly and astutely mentions later in the Stew Room the advantage was having the choice at all. Although Tiffany didn't necessarily choose incorrectly, she presumed she would have access to an omnivore's diet. Wrong. Her team struggled with creating dishes out of meat exclusively. Dale's and Tiffani's was the only one that the judges seemed to actually like. And while all of the other chefs could've potentially gone home it was Jen that did. Not only did she go home but she sort of did it in a blaze of (un)glory. She spoke back to the judges, then later threw a bit of a tantrum while her microphone was still on as she walked out the Top Chef door. I have to say I've always liked Jen and was surprised to see her react the way she did, but I'm not surprised she was angry. She is a very talented chef and maybe rightly assumed she would go much further in the competition. I, like most, hoped perhaps she would maintain her calm, but I also kind of liked seeing her get so emotional. It's something we usually don't see from her. I was most curious to hear her boss', Eric Ripert's take on the entire thing. Here's what he had to say:

Now some people might think -- like Eric suggests -- that someone on Team Fritata should've gone home or even Jamie for not sucking it up and cooking through her cut. I honestly don't know what I think about this one -- as much as I liked Jen, if the judges decided she had the worst dish, and she was responsible for making that dish, then, yes, she deserved to go home.