Team Top Chef's Senior Editor finds her happy place again.

Mar 9, 2011

Sing it with me: "Whoaaa, your set is on fire!"

Hello, my little Bahamian kings and queens! Thanks for all of your great comments on my post last week. There was one comment that really affected me, and it was from "Big Steve," saying:

Wow! You really sound anti-Mike, anti-emotion, anti-Richard (or at least snippy about him)... I'm stunned. I never got this vibe from you before, I usually enjoy your joyous take on food and the show.

Anyway, maybe the chefs aren't the only exhausted ones. Hope you enjoy the show and blogging again next time. Food is rarely enjoyed by cynics.

I pride myself on providing a joyous blogging experience for my faithful readers, so I took this to heart, have shaken it off, and am back! Thanks for getting me out of my apparent funk, "Steve"! You weren't the only one to call me out on my anti-Mike sentiment. I actually did finally meet Mike at the reunion taping, and he was obviously nothing but pleasant. I even mentioned my blog before he had the chance to. I doubt he reads it, so it was fine.

So, let's start anew in the Bahamaaas! (Yes, I just said that like Oprah.) The chefs are greeted by vlogger -- oh, and world-renowned chef -- Eric Ripert, presenting the first Quickfire Challenge with Padma. Each chef competes against the winner of his/her respective season. I'm honestly shocked all the Top Chefs came back. But, they did, and the results were fairly split. Hosea felt like he had something to prove and did, in fact, beat Carla. Richard, too, felt like he had something to prove and beat Stephanie, but probably most shocking was Mike Isabella's win over Michael Voltaggio, which almost upset me. I would go more into it, but since i'm not being negative this week, I won't -- you're all too well aware that the Voltaggios hold a special place in my heart. Swoon.