Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio has no doubt that Jen's dish was the worst, and she deserved to go home.

on Dec 9, 2010

Tiffani may have thought at the moment that she heard the challenge that “Carnivore” meant “Omnivore,” but as soon as I finish explaining each Elimination Challenge to the contestants on camera, a producer of the show comes and explains it in far greater — and more boring — detail. So Tiffani knew within minutes of choosing the T-Rex diet that it meant meat and meat by-products ... and only meat and meat by-products. On the other hand, the other team was barred not only from the use of bacon and eggs (breakfast staples), but also from the use of dairy (the other breakfast staple!), so the playing field was more than level. Once again, the fact that the banana parfait was as successful as it was without containing dairy made it worthy of this week’s win.

It was cool working with Joe Jonas. I’d met him at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and learned that he was a big fan of the show, so it was great to have him come join us. Also great was having Katie back, as she is a pleasure to work with. Finally, I love when we get to serve kids. They are so enthusiastic and joyful. Clearly, some of them watch the show and have developed a vocabulary about food, and it’s always a hoot to hear them applyl what they’ve learned to the food they’re eating! If any of our young viewers are reading this, I love hearing from you...!  Have a great week.