Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio empathizes with Carla Hall's fans.

on Mar 10, 2011

It genuinely was hard to see her go, and I really understand the pain of her fans. Simply put, Carla is great.  She’s a pleasure to have around. Her appeal is evident: She’s always upbeat and positive and is never judgmental of others. She was supportive of her competitors and always adult in her approach and outlook about the competition. Sadly, we can’t keep contestants around based on how lovely they are as people. They signed on for a cooking competition, and this is exactly what they arehere for, to be judged.  And they all know that they start out as one of eighteen chefs, and at the end there’s only one. (Any Highlander fans out there?) The odds are not in their favor.
But I have full confidence in Carla –- she has a lot of talent. She has recently started a business that I believe will do very well, called Alchemy by Carla Hall, selling sweet and savory tiny cookies. I’ve tasted them, and I think they’re terrific. I’ll let her tell you about them, in her uniquely-Carla way:
I look forward to the day she starts rolling them out, and I wish her all the best.
We have three more episodes in the Bahamas. I love being there. I took full advantage of our days off to go bonefishing. But again, I digress. It’s what happened in the Bahamas while I wasn’t bonefishing that really matters. Stay tuned…