Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson admits that Keith's teammates let him fry like a little piggy, but explains why he had to go home.

on Nov 15, 2011

The season has honed down to the traditionally-sized group for a Top Chef beginning and the chefs look a little more comfortable in their blue chef coats with official contestant status.This is natural, as navy blue is a soothing color. Well, the soothing lasts about ten seconds…

We start out in the apartment where Chris C. is seen doing his best to talk to members of the opposite sex. Undershirt from International Male? Check. White belt from Wet Seal? Check. Completely syrupy way of asking the simple question, “How you doing?” Check. 

Keith is getting some airtime. The guy is a heartfelt man. Big heart. Awesome. The Moto boys have gotten up from their matching camp sleeping bags and are ready to practice some dodgeball... or snake cookery. 

Rattlesnake is the Quickfire. The chefs are a little shocked when Padma blurts out “motherf---ing” twice. I am aghast as well. What the hell was that? Proud though…. After many seasons she is coming out of her shell. Just to add a little excitement the boxes in front of the chefs have screens on them, hinting that what’s inside may still be alive. I am not fooled. There ain’t no show on TV that has that much insurance to cover 16 nervous chefs handling live rattlers. When in doubt, get Edward to open the box. Edward seems like that kid who would actually hold the fireworks while his friend lit them.

They all seem pretty cool with the snake. Lindsay is not the fastest snake butcher.