Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson admits that Keith's teammates let him fry like a little piggy, but explains why he had to go home.

on Nov 15, 2011

Pink Team. Tom gives a pretty rough look to the tilapia choice for the ceviche. They did not make the tortillas. Keith’s enchilada was no enchilada. They were flour tortillas first off, which is more like a burrito than an enchilada. Pretty rough. Funny though, because up to this point Keith has been pulling off some very complex, multi-item dishes and then he gives us a very basic gutbuster. Tom seems to like it, but this democracy may have its say. Viva la Judging Table Libre! Ty-Lor and Chris slide through with pretty fine dishes. But all in all, Pink Team is a little rough around the edges with no real shine. 

The Green Team: Edward has not killed his team, but has made a pretty great gazpacho. Moto Chris has kept it pretty normal with empanadas, but you know he really wanted to make empanada air around a plate that looked like an empanada. Chuy brings it with a goat birria, which is not chewy. Beverly has brought a Kogi truck to the extravaganza. Grayson has made a cinnamon-infused cinnamon stick with some meat around it. Bring it, Big Red. They seemed to have all fared a bit better than team Pink, but it's cake time and anything could go wrong.

Heather, army of one, is getting her cake to the table. The Tres Leches cake looks a little flustered with Heather’s leadership style and is listing in a mutinous fashion. It is a cake that is screaming, “Stop screaming at me!” Dakota, immune from elimination, but not from crying, is also setting up a colorful little number.

Heather seems to have won the cake-off with a nod to a Hispanic classic. Chef buen trabajo desde Chicago! 

Judges' Table gets pretty ornery. Sarah and Keith are throwing each other under many many buses. Keith to Sarah: “You love driving the bus and hitting people!” This team had no leader and is quickly diving headfirst into Lord of the Flies territory. "Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies!" (Lord of the Flies)