Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson analyzes Edward Lee's psyche.

on Nov 9, 2011

Texas is still big but the Top Chef population has shrunk after the first cuts. This episode is titled “The Heat is On.” This summer in Texas was hot. Real hot. And in full drought, but still sweaty, not dry like you’d think. 110 F pretty much everyday. The heat will take its toll this season. You can be sure of that. 

Onwards to the episode:  

The Bubble Room is already an anxious lot, with Edward leading witty repartee, comparing the room to a prison cell. Edward, thinking the whole thing is a ruse, also imagines a dismal scenario, one in which they are being held in the room but there are no spots left. This Kafkaesque drama is shortly proven to not be the case. But listen up, Magical Elves, I think that may be another reality show….

If Chris McCrary succumbed to the beauty of Padma in the first episode, with some unsettling hyperbole, then Chaz decides to play wingman. Chaz goes so far as to tell us that he had a picture of her up in his locker at school. The creep war for Padma is on.